I hold my baby a lot because some day my heartbeat won’t be his source of comfort.

Some day he’s going to crawl away from me.

Some day he’s going to walk away from me.

Some day he won’t want to kiss me or hold my hand in public.

Some day he’ll stop sleeping next to me.

Some day he will grow up.

But not today. Today I will hold him in my arms and kiss him on his head.

So similar to what I told my class when we were discussing Erikson, and a girl in my class was saying you can and should just let a child cry if all they want to do is be held. People agreed.

I wanted to call BS on the whole class that those who were in relationships cannot tell me they don’t like being held or kissed. You all want affection. Why deprive a child?

But I’m coming from a parent’s point of view. I know the time a child seeks out their parent expires. I’m taking advantage of this jazz, rockin’ a wrist brace.

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I support thick thighs

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"Sometimes, I live in the open. My heartbeat a lamb, my heartbeat I am bleeding from the mouth a heartbroken rain."

Jennifer Militello, from “Identity Narrative,” in Flinch of Song (Tupelo Press, 2009)

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